About Edit

firepies are a type of magpie but with fire elements (think phoenix magpie hybrid) Desc: The body can be any color but the details like the chest, shoulders, beak, eyes, and wings feathers are based on its fire type (explained later) Diet: Charred things like wood for this reason they are often seen near forest fires waiting for something good to burn Sleep: They sleep with their clan in a huddled group on cold nights on warm nights they spread out more Groups: They live in groups called clans that are strongly organized by fire type Fire types: there are 6 fire types red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple in order from least to most rare Gender: males typically have red, orange, or green fire while female have yellow, blue, or purple

Fire Types Edit







Abilities Edit

They can light any part of their body on fire at will. The stronger fire types can burn weaker ones. Ex, Red fire can't burn blue fire, but blue fire can burn red fire.

Habitat and Habits Edit

[info here]

Clans Edit

Silver Clan

Gold Clan

Light Clan

Moon Clan

Midnight Clan

Night Clan

Frozen Winds Clan

History Edit

Not much is known how Firepies became this way

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