Prism belongs to LorikeetRainWing (SpeedStingerDash on DA) alone. Do not use or copy.

Description Edit

Prism is a male Firepie and leader of the Light Clan. His feathers are a dull yellowish-orange with bright yellow markings. His wings and tail are tipped with brown, then yellow, then pale yellow. His beak is black with a pale yellow marking near the base, somewhat like the marking on a swan's beak. Prism's legs are brown, scaled, and equipped with sharp claws; his beak is long and straight, not hooked. His eyes are yellow as well, and so are his tongue and fire breath. Prism has a head crest kind of like a jay.

About Edit

Prism is confident, slightly arrogant, and finds it easy to be a leader. He is a good fighter and can protect easily, but he is slightly impatient with the weaker members of his clan.


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